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Brianna Storm Hilvety

@kate I much prefer tablets over laptops, and I do 90% of my work (Story Embers, editing projects, graphic design, email, etc.) on a 10.5” iPad Pro. I love its portability and versatility. However, I do own an HP Pavilion laptop that I bought five years ago. It has served me well, aside from overheating once (which was my own fault since I was using it on a carpeted floor, and you’re not supposed to do that 😅). I hope to replace it with a Mac someday if I can afford it though. I hate Windows operating systems (even though that’s the only thing I’ve ever used), and I particularly detest Windows 10, which is the OS most computers have nowadays. 😝 But, if you’re just looking for a not-too-pricy computer that will allow you to use Word and Photoshop, an HP or Dell model would probably suit your needs.

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