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Alright. Let’s get down to business.

First off, I like your style of manga. It’s cute, fun, and representing the fun more youth/slice-of-life/young romance style of manga, and it could also turn into a cartoon style with a few tweaks. Overall, it’s fun, versatile, and nice to look at.

Some things I would work on are sketching. Do A LOT of sketches in pencil of random things–eyes, noses, profiles, hands, etc. This is something that will help you so much you won’t believe it.

Second–the style you draw in has the eyes lower than other styles of manga, to show innocence and if it was anime, it would influence a more “G/PG” rating rather than a more action type or art, that indicates more of a PG/PG-13-14 rating. (Yes, I know, I’m being technical. Bear with me.) So I think if you round out the tops of your heads a little more and shorten up your forehead, you should be fine. On the one profile drawing of a girl, your eyes are a bit low, but other than that I think the other drawings look good. 😉

Mouths–in manga/anime, the mouths are placed lower than in realistic drawings sometimes, to either make the face/nose look longer, or to simplify the drawing. Either way, I like where your mouths are, especially in the first drawing. I might suggest taking a pencil and studying lips and teeth a bit, but other than that, you look good.

Ears–your ears are a bit off, especially on the first drawing. On a normal manga face, the top of the ear should be level with the middle of the eye. Consider:

<p style=”text-align: left;”>As you can see, his ear is level with the middle of his eye.</p>
Other things:

-Consider working on your jawline. As you can see from the sketch above, his jaw slants up and then ends just a bit behind his eye. For boys, the jawline is more square and sharp. For girls, the jaw is more rounded and smooth. I draw shonen(action) style manga, but the principles of anatomy are still the same, no matter what style you draw.

-Make your heads a bit smaller. The basic manga head in a shonen style has the same proportions as a normal human, save for the eyes and nose sometimes. For your style, which is a little different, the heads are still basically the same, but look more like this:

Happy drawing! And if you have any more questions, feel free to tag me. 😉

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