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    I have a Dell Inspiron. I’m not sure what number it is but it runs Windows 10 and hasn’t let me down(except for the time my little brother completely reset it XD). It is pretty much the Windows equivalent to the newer Macs (I only got it because it was too weak for my dad’s work lol). I personally find Windows easier to use than Mac, mostly because it isn’t all closed off like Apple is. For example making one computer language that can only work on their devices and can only program their devices and apps, and also pretty much destroying your OS when it gets old so you’ll buy a new one. Plus, OneNote. I LOVE OneNote.

    But while I would recommend this laptop, it is also, unfortunately, quite pricey…About as much as a new Mac. Just a heads-up.

    I have actually heard that Linux/Ubuntu is the best OS you can have, so you may want to look into that, but Windows is used more professionally.

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