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@dekreel Before I begin to critique I wanna say that you are very good at adding little details, like in the cloths. (Bland clothing is something I need to work to overcome .. lol.)

I would say the biggest thing is to keep drawing. (Not very fun advice to receive, I know.) The next biggest thing is to start referencing photos of real people. Referencing is kind of like copying btw.
For a ‘manga’ style some of what I’m gonna say next may or may not apply, but I thought them worth mentioning anyways. Like your mouths tend to be very low on the head. Irl people have a couple of inches between their lips and the end of their chin.
Next your eyes are just a little lower then what would read as ‘realistic’ but this one is very forgivable imo as some people do that on purpose to make their faces look more ‘innocent’ or ‘childlike’ (babies have larger foreheads) btw if you move the eyes up you will probably want to move the ears up too. The bottom of (a common) ear will line up with your nose and the top with your eyebrows. (at least that’s what people say/what I have observed irl)

I feel like what I’ve said is confusing and unorganized sorry! If I can try to explain anything better let me know. 🙂 But yeah, the biggest thing is to keep drawing. With more practice I could see your art getting really amazing!

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