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Ok…. here’s the poem. *puts on brave face* Be brutal, please *other side of me takes over* …but constructive?

Take note… the poem is sad. It’s like, the only sad thing I’ve ever written, but it is sad.

Ok. Here we go.


Two souls approached the same bridge,
A dark and stormy night.
One contemplating a life it had lived,
The other a future bright.
One walked on heavy feet,
Certain in its path of dread.
The other drove a loaded van,
Unsure of the road ahead.
The first soul was heading south,
Towards the over pass.
The highway took the second east,
Approaching the same bridge fast.
The first had no hope
In the things it had once prized.
Its faith, itself, its family –
All seemed lost in its eyes.
The second still held on
To those things present and past,
And to those yet to come-
An unknown future, coming too fast.
The first soul had reached its stop,
Atop the bridge, alone.
The other, still driving on,
Approached the wall of stone.
What is my purpose in life? They asked,
Each in a world of their own.
Why am I here?
Was it for the seeds I’ve sown?
The lives I’ve touched-
Whose lives even are they?
The connections I’ve made-
Were they in a positive way?
Those human and heavenly relationships-
Were they worth our time,
And could they continue for good?
Then the van commenced its final climb.
Atop the bridge, the first soul paused,
Sweat pouring down its face,
Mixed with tears, it freely fell;
Eyes blind to unending grace.
The second soul came close,
Shaken not by the stormy gust-
The blinding rain and unknown future
Dimming not its unending trust.
Harder yet the rain poured,
And lightning lit the sky,
The second continued to drive on.
The first soul let out a mournful cry,
The second soul now under the bridge,
Unaware and thus unnerved.
Then in a flash of blinding light,
One jumped and the other swerved.
Many lives were changed,
In those two sudden moves.
Although the souls didn’t know,
They’d touched those lives- their loves.
And now those loves were broken,
And many more, yet unaware.
Broken from the loss of two ripe lives,
Neither destined to be spared.
Some lives were changed
Because they wouldn’t meet the souls;
The accidents leaving in these lives
Some nearly unfillable holes.
Some lives, though, were changed,
By the legacy left behind.
A memory of something that used to be
Courageous, bright, and kind.
These lives changed by legacy,
Continued to live on,
Changed by the shadows left behind
By the two souls who were now gone.
They had a purpose in life,
Each in a world of their own.
They were here for a reason,
Although it was to them, unknown.
They reached many hearts,
In their lives and in their deaths.
Breaking some hearts and encouraging others,
The end was each soul’s only regret.
Instead of being taken before their time,
Their lives should have been rich and long.
Yet different though they might be,
Their legacies live on,
Two different souls,
One broken, one still intact.
But neither soul could ever see the effects
Of their last moments of impact.

So yeah… thoughts welcome!

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