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F.C. Tait

@r-m-archer I’ve already tried making a Pinterest board, and it doesn’t seem to have made much difference. I know it’s possible to not put an address on MailChimp emails or else make one up, but someone told me that’s illegal so I don’t really want to risk it, if that makes sense?

I know platform building is more important for self-publishing (which is one of the reasons I’m leaning towards traditional publishing 😛 ), but I’ve heard a lot of contradicting advice when it comes to platforming for traditional publishing. That’s why I’m confused :/

As for social media accounts, most the ones I follow post small writing snippets and things about their projects or their writing lives. There are also things like hashtag games and challenges on Twitter where you answer certain questions or post a line for a particular theme and stuff like that. That’s my experience, anyway 😉

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