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Daeus Lamb

@fctait First of all, let me just encourage you that God will provide for what he has planned for you. Either he will show you a way to build a large platform, or let you succeed without a platform, or fill you with joy and contentment while being a very small author.

It is true that some traditional publishers will accept new authors who have no platform, but I am not sure how common or uncommon these are. You will need to have a good book pitch for sure and a great book. Even still, having a platform can only make things better.

I encourage you to build a platform if you’re at all able. I personally believe the small security risk of putting your address out there is well worth it, but if you wish to avoid that security breach, I believe you can purchase a mail redirect address which (I believe) you can legally use in place of your real address.

If you would like to build a platform blogging, I recommend you study it intensely. Marketing isΒ soΒ so easy to fail at. To get people to visit your blog will require lots of experimentation, trial and error, reading, studying, and maybe even some financial investment in top-notch training. Blogging is basically starting up your own business, so it isn’t a light matter.

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