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    @jenwriter17 I self-published my novel with Christian Faith Publishing. NOT recommended at all. They are selective, but they don’t really care about the quality of your novel. So mine somehow got in despite being pretty awful.

    Their editing team is pretty horrible, the page design team was fairly bad, and the graphic design team made me gag. I had to ask a friend to make the cover and he made it better than they did. I haven’t seen the book trailer team’s job but I assume it is hideous.

    They do take care of marketing and distribution for you, but like, all their book trailers on YouTube have 0 views and I doubt anyone who goes with them makes more than $58.13 quarterly

    Overall not worth the $3.5k you’ll put into it, especially considering you probably won’t recoup your investment unless you’re Creflo Dollar (who for some reason still publishes with them). Just a heads up for what to NOT choose.

    No one reads these anyway

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