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Linyang Zhang

You know you’re a writer when:

-You only watch a movie that you don’t want to watch because ‘It’ll make good reference material’.

-When you convince yourself to do almost anything by saying, ‘It’ll make good reference material’.

-When in a crowd, you look for people that would make good characters.

-And then stalk aforementioned good character people.

-When you make up stories about random people that you see. (Why are those three teenage boys not in school? And wearing black? While on the playground? With bags of soda? They’re part of the Mafia, duh.)

-When you carry a notebook everywhere ‘that’s for writing in’ but is actually a tool for self-protection to whack people over the heads with.

-When you carry a notebook with you instead of a book, like you used to.

-When you’ve taken all of the black pens in your family’s house hostage and keep them in your pocket.

-When your hands are incredibly filthy and smudged with ink.

-When you spend more time on Youtube/Pinterest than on writing.

-When you say extremely creepy things and pass it off with the excuse: ‘I’m a writer.’

-When you do anything creepy and pass it off with: ‘I’m a writer.’

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Shining lights above blown away..."

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