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Selah CJW

Sorry, @theinvizibleman, I got your moniker wrong too! My name (and it is really my name, not pen name :)) is from Psalms! Yes, I was always told that it meant “stop and think about”, and my second name is Jewel, so the idea is to stop and think about the word of God. Studying it myself, I think it could mean multiple things, which does not bother me as they are all awesome definitions! 🙂 Also, I have known a couple of other Selah`s who pronounce their names differently, but I pronounce it See-luh… fun fact, I guess?!

Chelyah is not my real last name, though! 🙂 That is the <em>Hebrew </em>word for jewels and the like, so I kinda play off my real second name… besides that, I love authentic words from historical languages anyway! *Searches the horizon for a writer who doesn`t*

BTW, how old are you @theinvizibleman (with a Z!), and @cassie-hartfinh?

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