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Cassie Hartfinh

@selah-chelya Hello! Now I have two friends named Selah! I hail from the Eastern end of the Mojave, in southern Nevada. Take a wild guess where I live! What city first comes to mind? 😉 Anyways, yeah, it’s hard ti live here, especially right now, with the hot, wild, humid Monsoon Season about to start. I would give anything to own a few acres in the woods on a mountain. Mountains are my favorite setting. That’s why I like to set my books in milder climates.

Thank you! Glad to know I have support in my most controversial novel yet.

So, what kinds of things are you writing currently? What new ideas are you playing around with?

Did you check out my page? In the discussion, I have a link to my Google Docs for my latest novel, if you’d like to read it and give peer review.

Ahyek nahd feltin'or rempak.
I'm not promising anything.

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