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@steward-of-the-pen Howdy! So, for some reason, I read your post with a very highly caffeinated narration. XD

I, too, am a re-reader! 😀 and refuse to choose a single book as my favorite! There are far too many! But, give me some parameters, genre, topics, etc. and I can totally pull some cool recommendations out of my hat!

Yay for the lightbulb in the bed moment!! I’ve had many of those myself and know precisely the feeling 😉 *high five* for fantasy! Probably my favorite genre to read and write in! That is a lofty goal! Good luck to you and may your ink never run dry!! You know, Christopher Paolini was a homeschooler too, and he published his epic fantasy, Eragon, at the age of eighteen (he graduated at fifteen, but that’s not exactly normal, so XD)! It can be done! And, even more so, it can be done well.

I loved studying logic when I was in school. It’s been years since I’ve done anything with it, but I like puzzles, so it was definitely one of my favorite bits! Ooh, story charts sound cool! How do you do those? What do they look like? That’s an impressive record! What did the teacher say? Did he even notice? 😀 YAS! *jumps in the air HS musical style* Another Grammar Nazi! <3

I was not homeschooled, but I went to a work study college in a small, artsy, historic town in KY and majored in instrumental music education 😀 Doubt that was helpful, but hey, you asked. 😀


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