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@gabriellepollack yikes… um. *glances this way* *glances that way* *twiddles thumbs*

The only remotely intelligent thing I can think of to say is that while yes, resurrections cheat the reader of their expectations, so do all other plot twists. The thing about a plot twist is it changes the status quo, but by giving the reader more.

I think lots of times people forget that resurrections are plot twists and try to shove through just on the strength of sap and emotion and happy fuzzies. All plot twists cheat the reader. The trick is to cheat the reader by giving them something so flabbergastingly unexpected along with it that they don’t even care. Like resurrecting a dead good guy as an evil villain. It’s never the twist that matters most— it’s what the twist changes about the rest of the story. What new element of tension, difficulty, or danger does it apply to the protagonist, going forward?

Even if he isn’t resurrected as a villain (no idea how that would work out for you :P) all plot twists should be double-bladed swords— dangerous to both sides of the conflict in different ways. They’re wild cards that shake up the playing field and rearrange all the pieces in a different order.

And… yeah. Something like that. *dolefully munches pickle* Was that helpful?

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