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K.M. Small

@gabriellepollack well that’s…quite a conundrum. 😛 I do really like the idea though. Ace sounds like the kind of character I’d enjoy meeting 😀

After spending several hours with the question eating away at my brain, I think I might have a solution: Ace needs to learn the value of life, right? Yet he wants to throw away his immortality, and he can only do that on a dying/dead person. So, my idea is to have him give his immortality away by reviving someone who isn’t his friend. The catch is that that person is revived to a state of suffering, now eternal since he got Ace’s immorality. Thus Ace achieves his victory before the third plot point: he can now go plot his death (I’m assuming he has a pretty terrible Ghost to make his Want be to die). BUT then the villain tries to kill him, his friend gives his life to save Ace, and Ace is unable to save him and left with the terrible knowledge that his friend gave his life to someone who was planning to throw it away. And, of course, since it’s a positive arc, he finally realizes the Truth.

Not sure if any of that made sense 😛 The main problem with my solution (making it not a solution XD) is the part where Ace gets rid of his immortality. My idea is pretty…weird and not right. I think he just needs to find a way to carelessly get rid of his immortality in a way that seems to be good and life-giving but is actually the opposite, but he’s too intent on losing his immorality to care, until the third plot point.

Oh, actually, tying in Daeus’s idea, perhaps he can get rid of his immortality by bestowing it on someone else. But no one wants to live forever since “eternal life in the flesh is really eternal bondage.” But somehow he finds a way to force it on someone, thinks he gave this person a wondrous gift, and soon realizes that he’s in fact done the opposite.

And then do eat that pickle because I’m cracking up over @daeus-lamb ‘s joke XD

~ Khylie
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