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The Golden Light

Hi @elizabeth!!

I believe the first time I became excited about movie making was when I was younger and watched the Pendraggon Sword of his father (by Burns Studios). Then, as I became older and started watching what I used to think as the “bad” (PG13, Marvel movies) I thoroughly enjoyed them and then began to be frustrated at myself for ignoring all the swearing and cussing (cuz I sorta… idolize the movies… heh… still working on that obsession…), yet when I looked for Christian movies there were hardly any (not counting the Kendrick brothers movies, they are awesome) and the ones that were Christian were plain boring/cheesy/unrealistic/preachy/ridicules (also not counting Veggie Tales, I like Veggie tales). So… I became curious of what makes a movie entertaining and cheesy and I guess that is why I am interested in it. Also because entertainment does in fact teach us something and there should be movies that teach hope, true love etc.

Ohhh you have taken classes? Nice! I HIGHLY recommend going to the Christian World View Film Festival if you want to learn more or meet a bunch of people and be encouraged. I went this year and it is amazing! Here is a link: https://www.christianworldviewfilmfestival.com/

Hehe. That is a long response. 😀

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