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@kayla-joy, I agree with you. I too knew Loki was gonna go but I didn’t think it would be that way, and Thor’s reaction made it even harder to bypass. I was talking to someone yesterday who thinks that the souls of the ones “killed” are in the soul stone somehow. The death that most got me was Gamora’s even though I had never seen her on screen before (haven’t seen Guardians 1 or 2 yet). I too was impressed with the way the movie was done and amazed but I think it was a little over hyped. @josiah, what do you think? Was the pre-movie hype too over the top? I was given a false impression that something great was going to happen.

What do you think about the quick acquisition of the stones? I thought they were going to draw it out more and make it a long game of hide and seek. Do you think Shuri is still alive? What about the Banner/Hulk thing?

I think my favorite sub-story of all was Vision/Wanda. It was so touching to see that. Honestly, I’m really scared to see what happens from here.

Here is a question for you guys and @any-other-writers. Why is it that we get emotional over character’s deaths? I saw the movie with my siblings and a few friends and I was the only one to cry and the only writer. Is there some kinda empathy that makes us writers more susceptible to characters dying?


that’s my rant

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