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@ajaj2000 Ooh, I like that saying a lot. I’ll remember that. That’s a good way to look at it!

The staff of this site seem to emphasize it a lot, and many theorize that showing is more professional or better-quality writing than telling. However, after my research, I personally am coming to the conclusion that telling is just as important as showing. It’s just a matter of when to use what method. It’s like saying apples are better than broccoli, which is partially a matter of personal taste, but it also depends on what you’re using it for. I mean, broccoli pie isn’t near so appealing as apple pie. Similarly, apples wouldn’t be nearly so appetizing as broccoli in a casserole with rice and cheese and such. Anywho, that’s just the way I’m coming to look at it. I need to learn how to show better and then I need to learn when to show and when to tell.

Intentional themes are a relatively new idea to me too. I usually just write the stories I have and discover new worlds and characters. But I really like the idea of honing in on a theme. It has proven challenging thus far! Whoot whoot! You can never have too many story ideas! I keep track of mine all in a journal, and many of them started as dream tidbits. 🙂


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