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@evelyn, thanks for the offer, as well as your compliment on my poem. The Drakhar, or half-dragons, look like people, except for the fact that they have huge dragon wings – which their eyes match, leading to some unusual colors. They have a bit more strength and stamina than a normal human, are able to breathe fire, and live to be around 600-650 years old.

It’s kind of funny that it’s raining where you are, because it’s raining where I am as well. Actually, waterfalling would be a more accurate term.

And yes, the unnamed incident in the beginning of Infinity Wars was terrible and I have a running list of all my problems with Thor, as well as the rest of that family’s issues. The unnamed incident at the end, however, was downright tragic. My roommate and I went to see the movie together and we were in silent shock for about an hour after we came out of the theatre. It’s going to be difficult, waiting for the sequel to come out.

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