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@ashlyvye I knoooooowwww! Irish werewolves are AWESOME! *is also Irish* *gives you a fist bump*

Wind Walkers are an Indian┬ástory my dad told me as a little girl about legendary warriors who would rise up to protect their people when the Everglades were endangered. They had the ability to run faster, hit harder, and fight longer than any other man. They could also walk on the wind, ie fly, and their symbol was that of a Swallow Tail Kite. Of course, they’re a treasured secret, because the legend says that they will rise up to protect us once again in our hour of greatest need. Those who know about them must never betray their existence. BUT GET THIS–My dad denies ever having heard this legend, much less having told it to me!! Sooooo…that’s kind of awesome and freaky at the same time, right?

A dreamer who plans, and a planner who dreams; a paradox.

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