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Sarah Narnathron

Definitely not. It’s no more wrong to write stories about characters who can do the types of things you said than it is to write about a world where dragons are real and animals can talk, or where spiritual battles are personified with knights and swords and kingdoms at war, or where planets are some shape other than spheres. In all these cases, you’re basically just saying “What if God had created a world where X is a thing?”, whether X is dragons or talking animals or humans who have the ability to manipulate the natural world in ways that we, in our world, would consider miraculous.

If you wrote these sorts of stories with the attitude that God should’ve created the world like this— not just in a wishful thinking “You know what would be awesome? Dragons,” sort of way, but in a “God was wrong and I’m going to fix it” sort of way— then, yes, that would be wrong. And if you wrote a character with truly limitless power to manipulate the world, then you might also have a problem. But otherwise, you’re just saying “What if?” and thinking through the consequences, using the creativity that God gave you to come up with something good, something that will hopefully benefit others. And there’s nothing at all wrong with that.

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