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K.M. Small


– I use wordpress.org. I considered wordpress.com, but I don’t believe you can get your own hosting with wordpress.com, just your own domain name.

– I use Bluehost. They offer great discounts when you use wordpress.org. DEFINITELY get domain privacy if you go with them. It’s only $12 a year, I believe, and saves you from being spammed with emails or phone calls. It might have been just bad luck with me, but still 😛

– I’m not sure about memory. I went with the second option for Bluehost, mainly because I wanted more email space.

– I’ve used wordpress.org on my phone, but just to read my post feed.

– Um…I don’t exactly know how pluggins work, but I know how to use them XD Most of them are free and you just download them; they basically add things to your website, like speed or memory and such.

– I really like it. It’s very versitile, professional, and pretty easy to use. I’ve had few difficulties with it. I’ve never tried their customoer service, but I do know Bluehost’s is really good.

Hope that helps 🙂

~ Khylie
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