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@warrenluther04, Aw, Goldie! That’s awesome. True, not very original, but it is such a good name for a Golden, don’t you think? I am not sure if you’ll get my reasoning of why I named my pup Jazzy, but I’ll tell you anyways. Since Jazzy is black, I think that her favorite color would be purple (if she could see colors) because black seems to go especially well with purple to me. And purple seems to go with the name Jasmine. So, I named her Jazzy, as a nickname to Jasmine. Um… That probably doesn’t make sense does it. Well, anyways, that’s what happened in my mind when I said, “I’m naming her Jazzy!”

Oh yes, I love her little brown dots too. It makes her look a lot cuter that she would if she was just all black.

Yes, we are in the same guild! I was actually very glad to here that. I was like, “Yay, someone I know already!”

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