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Olivia Giordano

@corkybookworm Haha yes! I had never heard the name Coralie until I was looking up random names, and when I came across it, I immediately fell in love, and it fits my character so well. Coralie is very independent, sweet, charming, likes to get her own way, and very much reminds of a wild bird. She really values her freedom (which really comes into play in the story).

Here’s a synopsis:

Coralie grew up as the adopted daughter of a midwife, because her real parents rejected her. A strong sense of independence and freedom permeates her life, and she longs to stay who she is forever – just a simple girl doing what she loves – midwifery, and spending time with a band of warriors with the same values as her – equality and justice. But with age comes talk of an arranged marriage, and her girlhood is quickly coming to an end.

When Nathan joined the band – he believed in everything it stood for. Freedom. Equality. The rights of the people. As a former noble, he knew what it was like to be a tyrant – and he hated it. Joining the group was his chance to escape, but now, he is starting to question whether the twisted views of his best friends are worth fighting for. In the name of justice, he is forced to mistreat the ones he sought out to save.

The two, both vying for control, seek out the truth. They question whether life is really worth living when all that they have is taken from them, and are forced to come to terms with who they really are.

I love fantasy!! I tried writing it, but realized it wasn’t for me. So now, I’m more focusing on realistic fiction, which is basically fantasy without the magic. A realistic world, but totally made up.

Wow. 11 years is a long time! It’s barely been a year since I’ve started writing seriously, so good job having stuck with it for so long. And that’s amazing that once you started on something else, the inspiration totally just started going crazy. That is seriously awesome. And I have to agree, that when you work on one project for so long, it’ll get like that. Breaks are absolutely necessary, as well as moving onto something else.

Your book list sounds wonderful. I’ve heard of most of those books, but I’ve only read a few of the ones you mentioned. There are some that I’ve heard so much about at this point, that I absolutely need to read now, like The Giver.

Dragons are awesome. In one of my WIPs, they play a very major role. And mermaids…while I haven’t really explored them much, seem like they could be fascinating. Elves are also great, and I love them because of J.R.R. Tolkien’s works. I haven’t really read much by other authors where elves are well-done.

*high fives* I’m also the oldest of five kids! That’s totally awesome. I’m a junior in high school, almost done for the year. So you’re into music. That’s great. I play piano, and also teach it, but I’m probably only at an intermediate level.

I’m starting to dabble in poetry somewhat, as you’ve probably discovered through my blog. And as I already sorta said, realistic fiction is totally my genre. Ever since I discovered it I have been totally in love. That’s what my novel with Coralie in it is gonna be in, and the title of that book is The Potter’s Hands.

I love reading fantasy for sure. Classics like The Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings are awesome, and I’ll totally geek out over those any day. The Ilyon Chronicles are so, so good, and I love all of Chuck Black’s books. I love the Green Ember books, even though they’re supposed to be for middle grade, they are so well done that it’s impossible not to love them, even if they are all about rabbits. I love The Witch of Blackbird Pond and The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare. A Tale of Two Cities is really awesome as well. But a ton of my favorite books are yet unpublished, that I’ve had the honor of alpha/beta reading for fellow writers.

Have you by chance heard of YWW? I’ve gotten to meet a ton of awesome writers on there, and have built amazing relationships with them through there.

I only know how to put two smiley faces. You can do the colon key and then the end of bracket one, which looks like a sideways smiley face. When you hit publish, it will turn into a normal smiley face. If you want one that’s winking, do a semicolon instead. 🙂

I have long blonde hair that is past my hips. I’m a third culture kid, and have lived in Mexico for a few years of my life. Because of that, I can speak somewhat fluent Spanish. I’m a total Lord of the Rings geek. One of my dreams is to become a midwife. I really want to get married young and have a bunch of kids. I’m introverted, but can be quite sociable, especially online. 😉 (As you’ve probably already discovered.) I’m allergic to gluten and dairy. And…I love Pilates.

ISFJ / Poet / Realistic Fiction / TCK

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