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R.M. Archer

-I use WordPress.org and always have, so I have no idea how it compares to WordPress.com

-Um… I’d have to ask my mom. My blog was originally a sub-site of hers, so I’m not really familiar with the hosting and whatnot. XP EDIT: Black Chicken Host.

-I don’t even know exactly how memory works, so I’ll be no help whatsoever here, lol.

-I use a lot of plugins. Akismet (security, like @josiah said), Author WIP Progress Bar (for displaying the progress of my ongoing projects in the sidebar), Google Analytics (stats), Jetpack (also stats), Novelist (which lets me set up a page for each of my main projects and show them in a nice tiled view on my “My Books” page), Popup Ally (for newsletter subscription popups), and Testimonial Rotator (which you probably won’t need, at least not to begin with; I have it for the freelance editing business I’m working on starting up).

-I love WordPress. It’s fairly easy to use (at least for me, but I’ve been using it for a while so maybe that’s more a matter of practice) and I don’t remember ever having problems with it directly.

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