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Sarah Inkdragon

Hello, @devastate-lasting! I’m Sarah(you probably already knew that), and I’m also a dragon. Hence the username.

I love your profile pic. I’m a total anime/manga(maan-ga, people, not man-guh!) geek, Star Wars nerd, pianist, and caffeine enthusiast. I am also a fellow type 5 wing 4, an INTJ, the “Smart One” on all the Who Are You quizzes(which I take way to many of… *sighs* I get bored, okay?), and diplomatically blunt when it comes to tact. I am also apparently an innovative individualist.

I’m weird. But who cares. We rare INTJs are allowed to be weird.

So then, now that we both know a bit about each other,(as it is the social norm to introduce yourself when you meet a new person instead of just ranting about which animes you like and the new poison research you just did for your novel…) what genre do you write? I write… pretty much everything. Fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian, steampunk, historical, contemporary, etc… of course, none of them are published(we’re working on it). My main WIP right now is a fantasy trilogy that will. Not. Write. The. Beginning. The first chapter hates me, but I love all my characters to much to abandon them now.

And now that I’ve effectively ranted for about…. half a page, I’ll stop. There. Rant is finished. You can now go about your daily life and finish your read-sleep-write routine.

Farewell. Au revoir. Sayonara. Auf wiedersehen. Whatever.

"A hard heart is no infallible protection against a soft head."

- C. S. Lewis

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