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I remember reading City of Ember! It was fun; I really enjoyed it, but it’s been a while. Maybe I should read it again. I think sometimes I read too much lol. I am currently reading an Amelia Peabody; a mystery series about this woman who’s an Egyptologist and somehow, there always manages to be a murder in her vicinity. She’s pretty hilarious, especially after she gets married (though the fact that she is married leads to some . . . suggestive material). I’m also reading the Mary Russell series, also a mystery, in which Sherlock Holmes meets this kid and makes her his apprentice. On the fantasy side of things, I like Howl’s Moving Castle, which is rather goofy (sorry, humorous). I know some people (namely my mom) don’t like that kind of book, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Brandon Sanderson’s stuff is quite good, though it can be a little darker. Mistborn is good (though dark), Tress is light fun, and so is the Rithmatist. And, I mean, Lord of the Rings is AMAZING if you can get through it.

That’s such a fun craft! Those dolls sound so cute! My church isn’t quite big enough to need someone in the nursery all the time, though that’s likely to change soon, all the couples who got married in the last two years have little ones now. If/when they need volunteers, I should do that, ‘cuz I love kids, babies especially.

Oh man, now that I think about it, the pieces have been floating around for about two years. I didn’t realize it’d been so long😅. I’m not super focused though, so I don’t have a ton to show for all that time. How long have you been working on your story for?

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