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I remember one of my earliest ones was about a group of girls who got the powers of the four elements ( I think I had just watched Avatar The Last Airbender for the first time lol) it was literally one chapter and I never finished it. Most of them involved characters with superpowers fighting a very cliche villain.

I’ve thought about becoming an author, but currently writing is more of a hobby than anything else. It’s kind of an extension of my art. I’ll draw a character and then start thinking about what his or her life is like, and go from there. Where do you normally start with your stories?


I actually trying to work on some characters I have / make new ones, but I’m going through a bit of a block at the moment so it’s kind of hard to pick a favorite (plus I’ve made a LOT of characters over the years, I can’t even remember them all).

Your story sounds really cool! What inspired you to write it?

I actually only recently read the Wingfeather Saga. I got the first two books in hardback, and then I listened to an audio version of the third because I was impatient😂. I love fantasy books, but I think my favorite genre is mystery fiction. One of my favorites of which is the Three Act Tragedy by Agatha Christie. I loved all the different characters and I was shocked by the ending, but it was so good. Do you have any favorite authors/books?

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