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Your world sounds pretty cool! I’m afraid I’m generally not very good at world building. When I started writing, I was mildly obsessed with winged beings, so I wrote some about that. Also elemental magic. I’d enjoyed stories involving teams of kids, all with different strengths, so I used that quite a bit. The result was a story with about a million characters and almost as many plots, which didn’t work so well, but hey, I had fun. Maybe at some point I’ll go back, fix it up, and finish it. What did you like to write, starting out?

I would LOVE to write like Tolkien: style, worldbuilding, and all. It’s just kind of like, ‘wow, where do I even start?’ If I could get to where I write on a level with Andrew Peterson, I think I’d be happy. Would you ever make writing your career? I’d like to be an author at some point, but I don’t know that I’d want to make it my full-time job. Maybe once I have a little more life experience.

Ooh, picking favorites is hard. I recently wrote a short story called the Last Lonely Lion, and I was very fond of the lion. He’s a writer and rather pathetically friendly. I think my all time favorite character would have to be Veera. She was originally a character that I added into the whole Marvel universe, and she embodies my bubbly, sarcastic, mischievous side (which is a very small side of me and rarely comes out. That’s probably why I like her so much.) I have a hard time envisioning her as anything other than a nine year old. The idea of her growing up makes me sad. There’s also Kianda, who is my token moody, deeply scarred character. Who are your favorites?

So, the story I want to be working on is called the Wind’s Apprentice. It was inspired by a number of dreams I had (that’s how a lot of my stories start) and as a result, I’ve had some plotting issues with it. The setting is a small kingdom which recently went through a revolution. The new king is having issues with a couple of his advisors (the Wind and the Loki) and his court may or may not be gearing up for a revolution (led by Goya, a nobleman with a passion for hunting). Which is practically its own plot, BUT my story follows a kid called Denari (the apprenticed wind) who is on a quest to find an Otherworldly Being called the Nim (which was accidently awakened by the Loki) before various other evil people (Goya) do. The Loki is trying to help Denari and hold the kingdom together, but Lokis are notorious for making messes out of things, so she winds up complicating matters. Obviously I need to work on a story synopsis. But first I would have to know where exactly the story is going . . .

Have you got favorite books/authors? Have you read anything good over the summer?

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