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Em with an E

Yes, they will be in multiple short stories. Daisy and Margot are two friends with very different personalities who decide to share an apartment during their senior year of college. My current WIP takes place the summer before that. Daisy is turning 21 and feeling quite anxious about it, but still trying to celebrate with a tea party. But of course some things go wrong, and there is no birthday cake. It’s not completely fleshed out either but I’ve written some parts of it. I write slow though.

My usual drawing style is similar to in the pic, but the eyes are more simplified. I don’t know how else to describe it. As for favorite supplies, I always make sure to have a dandelion crayon. I mostly just use a pencil and Crayola crayons. I also like markers and colored pencils, and I think I prefer mechanical pencils, although I own proper art pencils. When my classes start again in two weeks-I will be a college junior-I am taking a drawing class where I will get use out of them, and hopefully be able to properly make hands and feet by the end of it. I don’t actually know how to do hands and feet.

I read classics, middle-grade, nonfiction, historical fiction, graphic novels, manga, YA, and occasionally romance and fantasy. I like making collages, loom knitting, sewing, embroidery, building things, and making bookmarks.

The Victorian era is one of my favorite historical periods too, along with the Regency era, the American Revolution, and the 1960s. I like learning about other cultures and people’s lives, but I also love fashion and have a somewhat hippie-inspired style.

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