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@scoutfinch190 Both of your stories sound so cool! And the fact that you’re making them into comics is awesome! What gave you inspiration to come up with them?

Currently I have one idea I’m working on, but it’s brand new and it’s more world-building than a fully fledged story. It’s a small, peaceful community of herders that live in a polar desert. They herd a fictional breed of camels similar to the Bactrian Camel ( known for its tolerance of cold and thicker coat) for their milk and coats. They mainly consume dairy products and fish (though the latter is more of a treat).

I also have a bit of a backstory for them, but it could be subject to change: They were originally part of a larger community of herders. However, when a corrupt leader took charge, he steered the once peaceful community towards violence and stealing from surrounding communities. A small group of the people were morally opposed to this, and decided to break off and migrate north. They originally had many different kinds of livestock, but found only their camels were equipped to survive the harsh conditions of the polar deserts.

Phew, that was longer than I thought. 😅

Anyways, where do you draw inspiration from? Do you have any books or authors that inspire you to write?


Nice to meet you Lydia! The farthest back I can remember writing was in first grade, because we had to write in journals when we got to class.  I remember always wishing I could write about whatever I wanted instead of following the prompt the teacher gave us😂. Do you remember what kinds of things you liked to write about when you started out?

This may sound a little cliché but I’d like to be like Tolkien. Not so much his writing style (tbh I’ve only seen the movies) but hid ability to create immersive, realistic worlds. As for actual writing style, one person I admire is Andrew Peterson, author of the Wingfeather Saga. The way he wrote the main character’s emotions and thought processes just felt so…real, like they were the thoughts of a real person and not a character. That’s something I’d like to emulate.

I love writing characters too! Do you have any characters in particular you’re fond of? I also enjoy worldbuilding. I’m a big history buff, so I really enjoy making up cultures and countries and kingdoms for my characters to live in (or vice versa!)

Do you have any stories/ideas you’re working on at the moment?


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