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Nice to meet you! Thank you for the welcome 🙂


When I started drawing, I mostly did anime/manga art. As I’ve practiced my art has slowly inched to a more “semi realistic” style, but there’s definitely still some manga influence in there. I use pencil and pen a lot too, as well as colored pencils and alcohol-based markers.


I mostly write fantasy as well, when I do write. Most of my “stories” are really more just scenarios I daydream about ( I do a lot of daydreaming) part of the reason I joined was to motivate myself to actually write out my ideas. 😀

What kind of things do you enjoy drawing the most? Do you have any stories you’re currently working on? What made you want to start writing? For me, I’d draw characters and think of stories for them as I drew, and then I’d want to write it down.

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