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Hi Zee! welcome!

I am @scoutfinch190, I too write and draw and am currently learning digital art on Krita. Having drawn traditionally all my life, this is a big learning curve though lol, but I’m getting the hang of it, vector stuff is a big struggle though🤣 (vector means it’s not made of pixels, so you can zoom in infinitely w/o losing the quality of the image, great for prints).

My writing, when I do, is mostly fantasy related or something along those lines, and not half as much as when I was a teen. But I have been on SE (story embers) for a long time, and I can tell you that there’s a lot of great people on here, and almost always someone who can answer whatever questions you have or critique a portion of your writing.

What drawing style are you interested in? What kind of stories do you like to write? What’s your preferred art medium? When I draw traditional, I’m a big fan of using pencil, pen, and watercolor.

We crazy people are the normal ones.

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