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Olivia (Livi Ryddle)

@abrielle Nice to meet you!

Great question haha! I need to write up an actual synopsis at some point… It’s set in the medieval era, and it follows this lady who’s a midwife in this little town, who comes across a runaway boy who says he’s being followed. As the story progresses, we find connections between the lord of the land, slave traders, bounty hunters, experiments combining alchemy and humans, etc. and so on. :))

Well, as much as I love sci-fi, fantasy will always have a special place in my heart, so I’d say to work on the fantasy WIP! And no, I haven’t finished any novels sadly. I have finished the first and second drafts of one of my short stories, though! (If you want/need anyone to read over your draft and offer critiques or just reactions, lemme know!!)

Mistborn!!! I LOVE that series!! I’ve read the first and second books, I haven’t read the third yet, but it’s on my TBR list. I also love Tolkien, and I also love any historical accounts of people and events surrounding the world wars. I have an entire bookshelf and a half dedicated to my war history books.

My exam did not go well, but I passed the class, so it’s ok xD
And yes! I was taking Calculus 3 in the first half of summer, and I’m currently taking Differential Equations.

Violin is a cool instrument too! I also play a little, but really what I play is the fiddle, considering what kind of music I play on it, haha.
I’ve played for a year and a half, actually, and I love playing in ensembles! I haven’t actually played in the orchestra yet, but I will next year. I’ve done some solos, which are fine, but I love being a part of a group and having that feeling of contributing!

Hi! – and thank you! 🙂

May life rue the day it gave you a yellow-painted rock and told you to make lemonade.

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