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New characters causing a headache. Alpha and Grathmere. If you’ve seen my other posts about them, then you will know they are father and son. You will also know I’m trying to end the long thing with Grathmere since in FA (Fettian Age) he is kinda weak since Alpha and the Assassin Clones defeated him and he’s been causing some trouble ad the Fettians are after him as well as the Realn who are now part of the Fettians…And C (big brother and creator of the Fettians as well as the one who lets me figure out all the writing and get all the headaches and my biggest inspirer) has wanted to kill Grathmere ever since like, I told him about the idea for The Returns (in which said Grathmere is defeated.) And if you haven’t already guessed by Alpha defeating his father, Grathmere is an Antag and father and son have a very broken relationship. I want to somehow help that relationship…or forever make it a gap. Alpha’s sister I think fixes the gap between her and Grathmere but as i describe her in another post, she is a flower-sweetened girl meaning even though she is centuries older than Alpha, she is more likely to love her father again and also since she is a Nameless Thing ad never saw war for like…a vast majority of her life, she is a sweet woman who sometimes is more like a girl. She also never saw Grathmere’s bad side until after The Returns. Stark opposite of war-hardened Alpha who from the very beginning has only known war and fighting. he doesn’t care that Leahae got her paradise planet and flowers, his knives and duels and spars suit him well. I think to fix the relationship even a little bit with Leahae is easy but Alpha… I think in the end it must come down to a last battle between father and son. This is how I feel. But who shall win? This is a shape-shifting nameless Thing with unknown full powers against his son who is to young (for a Nameless Thing) to learn how to use the powers that he MIGHT have.But Alpha also is a very elite fighter especially with knives. he also has in his possession a knife from a man named Abdeel whom he met in one of his Galactic expeditions that could (maybe) kill Grathmere and only Alpha can use it and one of his sons, Nahum.

**Nahum gets angry because I used the wrong name of his. Sorry, buddy, I’ll tell them about your profile and your name fiasco later**

He’s also a headache-maker when I get into him. But I’m wondering what is going to happen. This is elite but to young and unmagical Alpha with special knife that may or may not work against Nameless Thing shapeshifter guy who has powers that no one knows the extent of and has lived for like thousands upon thousands of years (maybe close to a million since his kind were around in the Starlight Ages). I mean Alpha has defeated him before but that was basically Grathmere’s army destroyed, guards and right hand helper killed, his own son there, not afraid to kill him, and he saw there was no more hope for him so he just…fled. After a spectacular show of some of his powers but fled nonetheless.


Alright, finished with my rant. What do you guys think? I’ve got years before The Returns and The Returns doesn’t cover Grathmere’s death but I like complete stories (hence the four other books after the one I’m writing now.) I have gotten advice on this subject but i can’t 1) see Grathmere there 2) see that working out and 3) unsatisfying ending for me. Do you think this is a good idea? Who should win the Last Battle?

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