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My WIP is definitely more high fantasy. I’ve not read a lot of urban fantasy, so I don’t have a great foundation for writing it. Not to mention that, in general, I prefer the country to the city. I’m especially fond of mountains.

Your WIP sounds like lots of fun! I think I’d enjoy reading it if/when it gets published. Do you hope to self-publish or traditional publish? Your MC’s character arc sounds interesting. I wish more main characters had an arc that actually involved becoming a better person. Most books I pick up in the YA section have MCs whose arc involves “look! I became a rebel! I’m a hero!” Sometimes I think it would be fun to write a satire on that kind of book.

A Lord of the Rings role playing game sounds like fun. I’ve done that kind of thing with my sister every once in a while and really enjoyed it.

Random side note, do you have siblings? I have three younger ones, two brothers and a sister. My sister writes too, which is fun ’cause we have a couple things that we work on together.

Oh, also, I love Madeleine L’Engle, but not all of her books are great. The Wrinkle in Time series is best, and I like the Wind in the Door best out of all of them.

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