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Joshua Scheele


Yess! I am dying to read Murtagh! I have not heard of those books before, they do sound intriguing. – adding them to my list

Dickens’s David Copperfield was a childhood favorite growing up.

Lol XD yeah Tolkien definitely sets a high bar. I may not be able to surpass him in everything but I am positive it will be at least 2/3rd’s and then mix that in with Brandon Sanderson worldbuilding and some new experimental ideas.

I need to check out Madeleine L’Engle as I want to make my story full of beauty and joy. I really enjoyed the fathomless depths of magic in The Inheritance cycle. However I appreciate the more scientific approach to magic or techno-magic that Brandon Sanderson uses due to its aptitude focus on technology and inventions.

Your WIP sounds full possibilities and intriguing. Is this more urban fantasy or high fantasy?

I have way too many other books planned out and they will all be connected to my universe as side stories. XD

I don’t like horror either but do think jump/scare scenes are great to mix in the book especially if your world has a lot of scary beasties. hehehehe

I have never written any romance before but I going to give it my best shot for a few characters in my WIP. So far I seem to be doing ok at as my writers think I have a decent knack for it. Must be those Hallmark movies I had to endure when I am hanging out at home with my mom. I find the slow burn romance arcs the most rewarding. My goal is to set a better standard of a godly relationship in Christian fantasy as many I have seen and know have chosen to use graphic details/sensual thoughts that honestly destroy or divert the focus of the story if they are trying to include Christian themes into it.

I can’t agree more on how annoying it is with those love triangles. There is like a science behind it why women choose the darker/ more likely to be trouble kind of guys than the nice ones. I read in several places online is that women feel those who are dark and brooding tend to be appear more sincere/genuine and not people pleasers. Just unfair that’s what it is! XD

Rants are always welcome here as this was a fun read.

My WIP in a nutshell of the first 1/3rd of the story starts off with a young princess exiled from home as her kingdom was overrun and massacred by an unknown force. She must regather her surviving friends and people to rebuild. It seems God is looking after her as she falls right into the right people she needs not just a few but a whole nomad army of them. Many of whom have pasts and histories some most surprising of them are with her family. She is young and has much to learn but she is willing to push herself to the brink of death to be what is needed for her people. A soldier, military commander, laborer, a friend, a diplomat, a voice of calmness and hope, a princess, but what about a queen or…empress. She honestly hates looking like royalty like she is a lawn ornament for boys to gawk at. She must unite the peoples of her world or face a onslaught of division and conquest that will either exterminate or enslave all she knows and loves. She must first discover and unearth the mastermind enemy plotting out her world’s demise.

I am also a homeschool graduate.

I would love to have a writing career. I hope to create a Christian entertainment business of storytelling through novels or roleplaying games. Like how cool would it be to play with friends as if you lived in middle earth as a side character in Lord of the Rings. I hope to create something like that with my novel series as my world itself is huge. Life has been slow with limited time and energy to get writing done after work with a full time job while living on your own. But the Lord knows how much I hope to write for a living.

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