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The Little Jupitertion


Hi, there! It’s actually hard to say how long I’ve been writing because I know I did some short stories as a kid before actually getting into writing. I think I was 10 or 11. so about six years now. What about you?

My favorite genre to write is definitely fantasy. I love letting my imagination run wild. Which is good because I’m pretty sure my imagination would run wild with or without my consent.

I’ve tried writing realistic fiction before, but I always struggle with drawing out the conflict in ordinary life. Either there’s not enough to keep it interesting or there’s no identifiable main conflict. I have a few concepts for historical fiction, but I don’t know enough history to start them lol. I also started a new sci-fi recently, though I want to finish some other WIPs before really getting it going. What are some of your sci-fi stories about?

“What is more monstrous than to claim that things become better by losing all their good?” - St. Augu

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