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Joshua Scheele


Hi Lydia! I am Josh and welcome to the crew! We hope we can be a blessing to you and your WIP’s.

I am a huge fantasy and sci-fi fan. I am currently writing an ambitious WIP that starts off with fantasy but then turns into sci-fi, kinda like mixing Lord of the Rings with Star Wars. Lord of the Rings opened up my love for worldbuilding but it was the Redwall Series by Brian Jacques that made me love storytelling. My other favorite novels is The Inheritance Cycle, Stormlight Archives, and my top favorite space story The Skyward Series.

I would say Lord of the Rings has set my level of ambition of doing as much and more than Tolkien did for worldbuilding. However, the themes and my light humor for a dark world comes from Redwall.

When I was in high school, I started writing mainly for myself a chronicles of a knight, his squire, and a few men at arms that got separated during the battle of Agincourt and their journey back to England through the hostile French countryside.

I have always admired embroidering especially if it is of medieval design. Tea is always where it is at, I enjoy my mango or elderberry with plenty of honey.

What are your favorite books? Do you have a current WIP you are working right now? What books or things of life do you find influences your writing the most?

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