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Joshua Scheele

Stormlight Archives is full of secrets and conspiracies that connect to other stories that cover other world in his galaxy, The Cosmere. His characters and their development are super inspiring as they struggle and grow to do the right thing. The world of Roshar is very intriguing and unique with its world mechanics and worldbuilding details.

I have heard of The Girl Who Drank the Moon, definitely an interesting story.

I have been trying to learn classical guitar for a long time and hope to finally learn it. I used to be good at drawing but got rusty. I hope to get back into the hang of it for my story’s illustration.

I mainly spend my free time with writing and worldbuilding. I love swordfighting/hema and archery which fuels my passion for medieval fantasy stories.  I love music and plan to add songs to my story.

A real hero remains accountable until the end.

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