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The Little Jupitertion

Hi, Inkhorn! Haha, what a coincidence, I’m also a pantser!

The Little Jupitertion is about Kya-lee, an alien from Jupiter, who escapes from Area 51 with a few of her friends and the help of Tee-kay, a Neptunian with a mysterious past. They have to help stop the Neptunians from taking over the universe, but the government is also chasing them down.

I have quite a few WIPs right now, so that is a very loaded question 😅 I’m trying to finish my mess of a NaNoWriMo from 2022. It’s called The Everstone, and it’s about a young girl named Mia who’s staying at an orphanage while her parents are off on a trip. The trouble starts when she accidentally uncovers a dark secret of one of the orphans, Judith, who had her soul stolen by Mim. Mim had his heart stolen, and it is now the center of the Earth and the only thing keeping out the Void, a sentient darkness that seeks to consume the universe. But of course, Mim wants his heart back, and they must keep him from it while also searching for a way to stop the Void. … as I said, very messy lol, but I made a lot of progress with its plot so far and hopefully rewriting it won’t be too painful.

I don’t really know why Jupiter is my favorite. I’ve just always liked its colors and thought it was cool how big it was. Do you have a favorite planet?

I like tangerines more, but mostly because they’re easier to peel and thus easier to eat haha.

None of my siblings are huge writers like me, but I think my older sister has done a bit of creative writing and screenwriting.

I’m not actually sure I have a favorite genre. I kind of read around a lot; instead of a favorite genre, it’s more of a favorite vibe. It’s somewhere around the lines of chaotic good adventures. What about you?

I don’t remember what it was called (we might still have it, I’ll look around), but we had this little christmas book that didn’t have any words, it was just pictures. But it told this really sweet story about a poor old woman on Christmas Evening, and some statues of the three wisemen come to life and make her a Christmas dinner. I’ve always admired how they told the story without any words.

“What is more monstrous than to claim that things become better by losing all their good?” - St. Augu

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