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Taylor Clogston

@imwritehere1920 Nice to see you again! And you also, @candide. Sorry for not responding to your response. I stopped in, made an “I’m back” post, and then just forgot to check the forum again for a while =P

My week’s been pretty stressful as I’m preparing for Good Friday and Easter stuff for my church’s audio/video team while also writing training material for the job I’m leaving and also doing all the onboarding training and paperwork for the job I’m starting next week, but I’m hoping that all calms down soon! How has your week been?

I think you’re right that writing about my experiences is probably valuable. I’ve definitely found journaling about it helpful in working through it. I’m sure the experience will come through in some story I write someday! I’m sorry that you can relate, lol. Hopefully we can both avoid professional headaches of that kind in the future.

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