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Hiiii fellow thriller writer!!!!!! *bowls over with a hug* Your WIPs sound cool!!! I do fantasy-thriller right now but I have a couple sci-fi thriller short-stories too!!

I sent in my submission back in October, I believe. I never heard back so I tried again a couple weeks later. Still didn’t hear back so around Thanksgiving I tried for a 3rd time and meanwhile I heard about KP so I sent in my submission to that. I got an email back from Story Embers saying I already had an account so I logged in only to find it said I didn’t have an account, so I gave up (Idk why I didn’t think to email them back *facepalm*).

Haha yeah!! It was a bit of a debacle for my brother and I when we set up an account too lol.


*bows dramatically* A pleasure to meet you madam I can’t wait to write with you and learn more about your stories and characters lol!! What are some of your favorite special interests/hobbies? <3

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