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@sarafini It’s so nice to have you here!  I’m sorry about the relative lack of activity :'(  SE goes through cycles of being furiously active, and then hardly active at all.  Last summer was crazy, so I’m assuming that people start returning as school ends 🙂  For now though…

What kinds of topics are you interested in?  There’s not much right now, but as it starts picking up again I can keep an eye out for discussions you might like (also for when I want to start a new thread.)  Do you like writing games?

What’s your current WIP about?

You can tag people by typing @ and then their tag (not their name.) So for me, my tag is @calidris even though I changed my name.  You can quote people by highlighting a section of their text, and clicking on the “quote” label on top of their post.  Hope this helps!  And welcome to SE!


*laughs as one fey*

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