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You know, I had just assumed I was bored, but … what if you’re right? What if it’s that paralysis thingy that weird-brains do when we’re trying to brain something it doesn’t want to brain?

*Nods sagely* I know exactly what you mean. For me, boredom and “I don’t know what the next step is so I can’t do it” often feel the exact same way, which is just my brain balking like a stubborn shetland pony. Cath’s tips of “make the good thing easy and the not-now things hard” is great advice. Sometimes even just… putting my phone behind me while I’m writing will make it too many steps XD So, that kinda technique is effective for me.

Last night, I cracked my knuckles and ended up revising a little of what my friend sent back to me … THEN I KEPT GOING.

I can’t believe it, Rose, but I got 35 scenes outlined. Thirty-five. THIRTY.FIVE. And it was easy. WHAT?? Who even am I?

WHOOOO Good job Natalie!!! That’s amazing!!

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