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Would your character rather be able to see the future or become a dragon?

Zach: “Wow! Which one . . . You know, I think I’ll become a Dragon. But I assure you, I would be a good dragon that would help rescue the damsels in distress instead of eating them.”

Tisha: “I’ll see the future. Probably depressing but insightful.”

Megyn: *considers a moment* “I think I’ll see the future too. It could be dark but there will always be a prevailing trace of hope.”

Jim: “Reckon I could try bein’ a dragon.”


Would your character rather kill to stay alive or die to keep their friend alive?

Zach: “Ouch! I would have to die to keep someone else alive.”

Tisha: “This may sound cruel, but it would depend on the situation. As a police detective, I’ve been involved in similar scenarios. If there was absolutely no way to neutralize the threat and protect my friend, then without a doubt I’d die for them. But rather fight or find a way to save us both.”

Megyn: “I’d die for them.”

Jim: *nods* “Kinda agree with Miss Tisha but if it came right down to it, I’d rather die for ’em.”

Would you rather have the opportunity to permanently change your face, or change your height?

Zach: “My height. My body and my personality have been mismatched for a while now. And, well, *gestures to his face* “Who would want to change this?”

Tisha: *rolls her eyes at his comment* “I would actually change my height too. I’ve always been a little too tall for my liking.”

Zach: *Stares at her half-pretend horror* “Don’t do it. You’re perfect like you are.”

Megyn: *nods* “I agree. And I couldn’t get used to you being short like me.”

Tisha: *smiles at her*

Jim: “To be honest, kinda like to change my face.”

Zach: *completely horrified* “Why? Why would you want to change such magnificence?”

Jim: “Folks won’t recognize me.”

*Zach looks at Megyn. Megyn smiles reassuringly at him, then at Jim with a sad, curious look. Tisha scrutinizes him, also curious*

Would your character rather kill their friend in a merciful manner or let their enemy kill them in a cruel one?

Zach: “Man, ouch again!” *Looks very sober, almost scared* *the more he thinks the more he looks like he’s gonna cry* “I don’t think I could do either. I’d rather let the enemy kill me to save them.”

Tisha: *glances at Megyn* *slowly lets out her breath* “I’d have to kill them myself. Though if there was a way I could fake killing them, I’d rather do that.”

Megyn: *very sober, almost tearful* “I – I agree with Zach. I -I couldn’t kill myself.”

Jim: *looks very grave* “I’d have to kill ’em myself. Then probably, put a bullet through my head right after.”

*Zach is shocked*

Me: Um, oh boy . . .


Would you rather have to always wear your least favorite color or only be able to listen to your least favorite genre of music?

Zach:*still recovering* “Uh, color.”

Tisha: “Color. The music would disrupt my concentration. And I can paint over the awful color if necessary.”

Megyn: *still looking at Jim like she wants to go hug him* “Color.”

Jim: *Staring at the floor* “Color.”


New Question: If you had the opportunity, would you show mercy on a villain,or would you kill him?


Psalm 119:11
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That I might not sin against You.

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