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Esmeralda Gramilton

Hello again, everyone <33

I’ve bene thinking about coming back to Story Embers for a while now, and was so excited to have been mentioned and involved in something again

I also have new characters now- I haven’t written the old ones in a while, and their story was never finished. I do love these ones a lot though, and I think this thread will be great for myself getting to know them better :]

(Let’s see if I remember how to do this XD)


Would your character rather kill to stay alive or die to keep their friend alive?

Nemo: I’ve never had to kill someone protecting myself, and I wouldn’t want to. But in a survival situation, it might be better. I don’t have a friend I can imagine dying for.

Miriam: I would die for any friend, I think. Especially a lover, dying for them would be so romantic. And I don’t think I could kill anybody.


Would your character rather kill their friend in a merciful manner or let their enemy kill them in a cruel one?

Miriam: I would never hurt a friend of mine. And maybe we could die to this enemy together? I wouldn’t want to let that happen, but I couldn’t live with myself if I hurt someone I love.

Nemo: I can’t imagine killing someone, especially not a person I cared about. But if it were to keep my enemy from hurting them, I think I’d have to. It’s better than letting an enemy win.


New Question(something happy for a change): Would you rather have to always wear your least favorite color or only be able to listen to your least favorite genre of music?

Miriam: I wouldn’t be able to give up the music I love! And besides, I suppose I could embroider some pretty design on the clothes so I like them better.

Nemo: I guess that music I don’t like is better than none at all? Wearing bright colors isn’t just uncomfortable, it would cause problems with my job.

I wonder what I was thinking whenever I re-read my old, well-loved stories

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