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Emberynus The Dragonslayer

@naiya-dyani HEY! EEEEE *runs around screaming*

It’s been FOR-E-VER! How have you been? Thanks for joining us! *offers you chocolate and hugs*

Would your character rather kill to stay alive or die to keep their friend alive?

Bash: I’ll kill to stay alive. Most of my friends have already died keeping me alive. And I’m not gonna let their deaths be for nothing. But if I could die and bring them back I would.

Gray: Um. *looks down* I’d die if it was to keep a friend alive.

River: *shakes his head* wow. um. I’ll die to keep her alive- I mean, the friend. A friend. *blushes*

Would your character rather kill their friend in a merciful manner or let their enemy kill them in a cruel one?

Bash: *stares at @naiya-dyani in disbelief for a moment before answering* I can’t kill a friend.

Gray:  I agree with Bash. I’m not gonna kill a friend. Tried that.

River: *blinks back tears* Can’t I just take their place? I can’t kill anyone, but I can’t let them die a cruel death.

New Question(something happy for a change): Would you rather have to always wear your least favorite color or only be able to listen to your least favorite genre of music?


Sold souls and dead promises

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