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Ava Murbarger

Would you rather have the opportunity to permanently change your face, or change your height?

Brycen: Oh, definitely my face. This scar isn’t as cool as it looks, everybody.

Rune: Height for sure. I’m much too short to face adults in sword fighting, and being taller would make it a whole lot easier.

Amara: I think I’ll stay how I am. I mean, being tall and short both have their advantages, so I wouldn’t be able to choose there. As for my face, I’m pretty okay with it.

*everyone claps as new character enters the room*

Hawkwing: Ahem. *thinks intensely for a couple of minutes* I suppose, being a dragon and all, that I’d have to go with height. Then I can tower over all the other dragons, even Blackhorn!

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