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Emberynus The Dragonslayer


Your characters sound super cool. Love the names!

Hiya sis

Would your character rather give even though you knew the gift wasn’t appreciated/was being wasted or would you hold back?

Bash: I’d hold back the gift. People already have so many gifts and they usually waste them.

Gray: I’d give the gift anyway. As long as they are happy when I give it to them, what they do after that ain’t my problem.

River: *bites his lip* I’ll give the gift. Even if they don’t use it, maybe someone they know can.

Would your character rather be able to see the future or become a dragon?

Bash: See the future. I’d like to know if I’m gonna get shot tomorrow.

Gray: Dragon! No question. Dragon. Not sure how it would benefit my life, but it would be super cool and I really don’t want to see what tortures await me. *glares at author*

River: Be able to see the future. I don’t think I’d make a very good dragon. And I want to know if I’ll ever make friends.

New Question: Would you rather have the opportunity to permanently change your face, or change your height? 

Sold souls and dead promises

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