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Ava Murbarger

Alright, here we go.

For the peaceful life and death vs. living and changing identity…

Brycen: Loved ones? I’ve never really had a family, unless you count my fellow thieves. I suppose Tali is alright. Honestly, I’d have to go with changing my identity.

Rune: Peaceful life and death for sure! I never get a moment’s rest, and it would be nice just to see my family again.

Amara: Hmmm… Well, if I changed my identity, could I reveal it to a chosen few, or would that ruin it? I need time to experiment.

Kissing frog vs. becoming frog:

Brycen: I’d become the frog, obviously. Think how easy it would be to run from angry merchants as a frog!

Rune: Ew, no kissing a frog for me. I’d have to become one. Do you get annoying visions as a frog?

Amara: Become a frog? Yuck. Definitely going to have to just kiss it and get it over with.

Successful actor/ youtuber

Brycen: Oh, man, definitely the youtuber. I would make a horrible actor, just ask Tali.

Rune: Actor. Definitely actor. I do it all the time in my visions.

Amara: Um, neither? Talking or acting in front of people is really not my thing.

Would your character rather be able to see the future or become a dragon?

How great is your light when you sacrifice all you have for those who have nothing to give.

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